Alex and I went to the Stadium on Saturday and got opposing tee shirts

Game Day!  My Local park leading to Levis Stadium

Tim Teebow drove by in this golf cart

Major party area fenced off in front of the Stadium.  Ticket holders only :-(

OK, I got crazy hair.  You should see some of the other wacko fan outfits.

They have numerous large TVs around the park such as the one showing the 50 in this back gound

Here I am on the Fifty yard line albiet 250 yards outside the stadium.

The guy in the intersection came in his Hum Vee and is sporting his M16.

Very vsable High Security, The guys up front are FBI, Police in the back, Sherifs and Army MPs.

Some Colorado Natives in town for the game took this picture for me.

The nearby amusement park with good elevated views of Levis Stadium had a line 10 feet wide and 200 yeards long.

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